2D-Origin technology is based on 2D Datamatrix codes and digital signatures.


Datamatrix Code

Datamatrix is one of the main standards of 2D coding. Usage of these codes became popular with e-business through printed advertising integrating such codes (multi-channel selling).

Certificate and digital signature

2D-Origin codes integrate informational data as well as a digital signature of this data (using an asymmetric algorithm). This signature is generated with a X.509 digital certificate issued in a secure manner to the 2D-Origin member. It is a signature certificate (issued to physical individuals) or a sealing server certificate (issued to legal entities). This certificate is a digital identity allowing authentication of the issuer of the 2D codes signed through 2D-Origin service. 

2D-Origin certificates are issued by Certigna Certification Authority (property of Dhimyotis), an authority which is widely trusted thanks to its RGS *** and ETSI  TS 101456 levels of qualification which give it the official status of Trusted Third Party.

Functional Description

While reading 2D code, the application (mobile app or )  executes the following steps:

  • Data extraction
  • Signature and certificate validity verification
  • Time stamp verification
  • Certified URL extraction


2D-Origin code creation

Création d'un code 2D-Origin

2D-Origin code verification by a user/consumer

 Vérification d'un code 2D-Origin

2D-Origin code verification by the Quality Service

Vérification d'un code 2D-Origin par le Service Qualité