Certifying diplomas with 2D-Origin by PM_TD


Usage of false diplomas

On the labour market, more and more candidates use false diplomas to justify the required level in job offers. Generally Human Resources managers only perform a visual check of the provided documents.

2D-Origin contribution

Thanks to 2D-Origin, a graduate school can henceforth create 2D-Origin codes which one printed on diplomas will authentify these documents. Each 2D-Origin code is student specific and cannot be used by another student.

The code can be seperated from the "diploma" document by the students, by intergrating them into their Curriculum Vitae.

The Human Resources manager, who studies the application for a post, can then verifiy in one-scan the authenticity of data and get additional information on the training received by the candidate.

The Human Resource manager, who studies the applications for a post, can verify the authenticity of the data and get additional information about the training received by the candidates.

Certified information:

  • The school which has issued the document
  • The document type (diploma)
  • The name of the graduate
  • Qualification, eventual honour
  • Date of obtention
  • A link to the digital version (digitally signed) of the diploma and to additional information about diploma training (course